I was born in Marion, Ohio, and by the time I was in fourth grade I was pretty sure I’d move to Paris. While I never moved to a country with a 32-hour workweek and paid maternity leave, I did get the hell out of dodge…sort of.

Turns out that minus a brief stint in the South, I’ve never strayed too far from the Rust Belt. Born in a steel town, I ended up forging the framework for my career in the motor city. I never planned to move back to Ohio, but here I am in Mansfield, Ohio.

Every day I’m more convinced of something that still surprises me–the Rust Belt is a magical place. I still don’t know if I chose the Rust Belt, or it chose me, but I can tell you one thing–anyone who thinks we’re flyover states is sorely mistaken.

I’m here to tell a story about a place that is so much more than a “Hillbilly Elegy.” It’s about perseverance, the unmistakable power of overlooked underdogs, and pure, unadulterated grit.

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The Brain Drain Conundrum

The Brain Drain Conundrum

One of the biggest complaints/criticisms/concerns that seems the plague a town like Mansfield is the dreaded problem of "brain drain." If you've never heard of this I can only imagine that you aren't living in a Rust Belt city, because here it's as frequent a topic of...

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Feeling At Home

Feeling At Home

Although not exactly supported by any research that I'm aware of, generally speaking, I've found that once I've lived somewhere for two years it starts to feel like home. How do I know what that is exactly? Well, for me anyway, I usually notice the feeling upon...

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Why I (Sort Of) Love Anarchists

Why I (Sort Of) Love Anarchists

Sometimes a catchy title is worth a great deal............ But seriously, I have a point here. History and common sense will tell us that anarchy is a fool's errand and communism has proven to be a failed experiment in social engineering. The common Achilles heel for...

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